Published: 2020-08-15


Editor in Chief Lo Scalpello Journal

Dear friends and colleagues,

we have arrived at the second issue of the new version of Lo Scalpello Journal.

I actually wanted to write this editorial because this is the first issue with works from our scientific community and not a collection of reports from our congress or a monographic volume organized by individual regions.

We were fairly worried because in the history of our Journal this method had never been applied and using the new platform for submitting articles was not so obvious.

Just as it was not taken for granted that the new organizational structure, the new scientific committee and the new group of “reviewers” could coordinate the various activities.

However, we have succeeded in this bet and I must say that the works have arrived numerous, certainly more than this first issue can contain, and all the review and evaluation mechanisms of the various scientific contributions have responded perfectly.

Some of these contributions have been reviewed with the recommendation to improve some aspects and this is necessary to bring our Journal to a standard of seriousness and to a scientific level necessary to be able to achieve indexing.

The works not published in this edition will certainly be included in the next issue and in any case the authors will be contacted if it is necessary to make changes to maintain high editorial standards.

I remind everyone that the often interesting “case reports” are unfortunately not evaluated by the scientific communities and therefore we can publish few and very limited ones.

I hope that the different regional presidents will always accept the invitation to stimulate the various hospitals of reference in the publication and be the driving force behind this adventure.

In the coming months we will also expand the reviewer group and anyone who wants to contribute will be welcome.

I therefore thank everyone who contributed to the realization of this second issue and we continue in this new stimulating activity to support our scientific society.


Alberto Momoli

Editor in Chief Lo Scalpello Journal


© Ortopedici Traumatologi Ospedalieri d’Italia (O.T.O.D.I.) , 2020

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